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Are you concerned about your child’s transition from playtime to school time? Our School Readiness options are here to ensure your child’s success! From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, we have everything your child needs to develop essential school learning skills. We’ll help them navigate social interactions, classroom routines, and provide them with the educational tools they need for a successful academic experience. With our various, age-appropriate, School Readiness options, you can rest assured that your child will be ready to take on the classroom with confidence! Sign up for our School Readiness options today and give your child the gift of success!

School Readiness (JK – Grade 1) | $55/hour

Our School Readiness (JK to Grade 1) program is designed to help children aged 4-6 years develop essential skills such as fine and gross motor, social interaction, following classroom structures, and attending to instructors to help facilitate appropriate educational learning. This program is designed to be provided between 6-15 hours per week (1-5 days a week 3 hours each day) and is ideal for children who are currently transitioning to or having struggles with a school-based program.  Our experienced instructors, who are overseen by a BCBA, will create a fun and engaging learning environment that promotes growth and development in your child.

School Readiness (Grade 2-4) | $55/hour

Our School Readiness (Grade 2-4) program combines essential skills like fine and gross motor development, social interaction, following classroom structures, and attending to instructors, with additional supports focused on increasing understanding of social skills and classroom routines. Our program also introduces participants to conflict resolution, as well as life skills and community safety. With 3-15 hours of sessions per week, our program is perfect for students currently enrolled in an educational program. Plus, all sessions are overseen by a BCBA to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

School Readiness (Grade 5-8) | $55/hour

At our School Readiness (Grade 5-8) program, we understand that social skills, conflict resolution, and classroom routines are crucial for a successful educational experience. That’s why we are offering a program that focuses on these areas and more. Our program also includes learning opportunities on community in real world locations while participating in community outings. With a minimum of three hours per week, your child or youth will develop the necessary skills to improve their classroom experience. These sessions are ideal for students currently enrolled in an educational program and are overseen by a BCBA.


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