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New to the OAP (Ontario Autism Program), have questions about services, looking for help with your budget, DCAFS Service Navigator is available to help. This role is designed to aid families in learning about the services available for the family, or family member, and what the benefits of various approaches and services can be.


DCAFS offers a variety of group or individual services for children of all abilities. These program offers a wide variety of behavioural services to meet the specific needs of children, youth and families and services are customized following a clinical assessment to determine what will optimize the targeted skill development.

Behaviour supports

Our Behaviour Supports programs are designed to meet your family’s goals through the creation of an individualized behaviour support plan. Goals may include: Daily Living Skills, Behaviour Management Skills, School Readiness Skills, Social Skills, and Communication Development.

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Skill-based groups

All our skills-based groups are created with an individualized curriculum and are designed using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Each child or youth will be given the opportunity to practice, learn and maintain relevant skills while promoting independence in a leisure setting.

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Connection-based groups

Connection-Based groups have been designed to provide enjoyable social opportunities for children and youth. Each group has been created with the objective of practicing skills while creating opportunities to connect with others their own age.

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