Minecraft Social Group

We are excited to announce, in partnership Upper Grand District School Board and the Wellington Catholic District School Board, the launch of our Minecraft Social Group, where participants can come together and enjoy playing the popular game while connecting with peers. Our group aims to create a fun and engaging environment where players can not only have a fun time but also work towards achieving weekly goals.

During each session, our staff will facilitate discussions and help participants set goals before and during gameplay. We believe that by encouraging teamwork and communication, our participants will not only enhance their Minecraft skills but also develop important social skills.

The Minecraft social group, the ideal participants are aged 10-14 who can work well in a group, actively listen to others, communicate in full sentences, and have a genuine interest in playing Minecraft with their peers. We believe that this group is perfect for fostering friendship and collaboration.

As an added incentive, participants will have the opportunity to earn rewards as they accomplish their goals. This will not only motivate them to actively participate but also give them a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Join our Minecraft Social Group today and embark on a journey of fun, friendship, and skill-building! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, our group provides the perfect platform to connect with others who share your passion for Minecraft. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – sign up now!

Registration Details

Ages: 10-14
Dates: Tuesdays, starting April 23, 2024 for 8 weeks.
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm.
Location: St. John’s Catholic School, 315 Tucker Street, Arthur
Max: 4 people

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